Best CPU Thermal Paste and How Often to Replace Apply? Find Out Now


CPU thermal paste is a critical component for computer/laptop cooling. Overheating can reduce performance and lifespan, and the system may force throttling to prevent overheating. In cooling systems such as air cooling and liquid cooling, thermal paste is a low-cost and highly effective option, making it one of the best choice for CPU cooling. However, … Read more

Three Methods for Line Breaks in Excel Cells (Manual and Auto by Char Function)


This article shares three methods for line breaks within Excel cells: automatic, manual, and using the Char function formula. These methods can be applied in various scenarios such as combining postal codes and addresses, creating draft posts for social media in Excel, or organizing answers from surveys. They are essentially versatile and can be helpful … Read more

Easy guide of Drop-down List in Excel including Multilevel Cascading Forms and Automatic Color Display


Dropdown menus are commonly used for error prevention, input validation, or restricting selections in single-choice questions. In multilevel cascading forms, such as selecting “Taipei City” in the first level and then choosing one of its 12 districts in the second level, this tutorial will also share a method for automatic color display. Creating Dropdown Menu … Read more

How to memorise Excel Column and Row in just One Picture? Easy truth here.

How to Remember Excel Columns and Rows Understand Instantly with One Image

I’ve always had trouble distinguishing between columns and rows in Excel. I would often get confused when organizing data, deleting columns/rows, or pasting data. Thanks to a colleague who taught me a simple trick, I now have a clear understanding with just one image. I welcome sharing this with friends who struggle with identifying columns … Read more

Excel SUM and SUMIFS Functions Tutorial: Basic and Advanced Applications

The SUM function in Excel allows for quick summation, while the SUMIFS function enables the “filtering” of values based on specified criteria before summation. These functions are essential in various fields such as marketing, finance, sales, and administration. When combined with features like Excel drop-down menus, they can fulfill a wide range of needs. SUM … Read more