Steps to Replace PS4 HDD with SSD on PS4. Loading Speed UP 70%!

Recently, I bought D2R (Diablo 2 Resurrected) and after work, I went into a frenzy of monster slaying mode. My old PS4 was struggling, and the loading speed was slow to the point where I had to stare at the screen for a while. It really disrupted the gaming experience so I decided to replace it with Micron MX500 500GB SATAIII SSD. The entire process took 30 minutes, and the before and after effects are shown in the table below:

Original HDDSSD
Boot to loading screen36 seconds25 seconds
Launch D2R45 seconds20 seconds
Character creation to start30 seconds8 seconds
Teleport from Rogue Encampment to Lut Gholein28 seconds8 seconds


Step 1: Backup Data

Insert a USB flash drive and turn on the PS4. Press the PS button on the controller and select “Settings” > “System” > “Backup/Restore” > “Backup PS4” to backup all game programs (including save data) and screenshots. You will see a PS4 folder on the USB drive, inside which there are two folders: EXPORT and SHARE. Additionally, create a new folder named UPDATE under the PS4 folder, as it will be needed for Step 2 to install the PS4 system software.



Step 2: Download PS4 System Software

Go to the official PlayStation official website and download the PS4 system software by selecting “Reinstall PS4 System Software.” The downloaded file is named “PS4UPDATE” and has the PUP file format. Copy this file to the USB flash drive. Remember to create a new folder named UPDATE inside the PS4 folder on the USB flash drive and place the downloaded file inside it.


Step 3: Remove the Old HDD Mechanical Hard Drive

Prepare a cross-shaped screwdriver. For the original PS4 (fat version), push the case in the direction indicated by the arrow to remove the housing.PS4更換SSD簡易教學,暗黑2重製讀取速度爆衝70-4


Use the screwdriver to remove a single screw and then out the hard drive enclosure.PS4更換SSD簡易教學,暗黑2重製讀取速度爆衝70-5


Remove the four screws that secure the hard drive enclosure, and then remove the old hard drive. Take this opportunity to clean any dust around the fan using a toothbrush.PS4更換SSD簡易教學,暗黑2重製讀取速度爆衝70-6


For the PS4 Slim, it is a bit more challenging to remove the casing. You need to pry it open from the indicated arrow to remove the housing.PS4更換SSD簡易教學,暗黑2重製讀取速度爆衝70-7


After removing a screw, use your hand to pull out the black tape (yes, it’s there to help you), and then remove the hard drive enclosure. Putting the casing back on is relatively easier.PS4更換SSD簡易教學,暗黑2重製讀取速度爆衝70-8



Step 4: Install the New SSD Solid State Drive

Place the new SSD inside the hard drive enclosure and secure it with the four screws. Once the screws are tightened, reassemble the housing. Note: The black plastic frame that comes with the SSD is for use with an external hard drive enclosure. Do not insert it into the PS4’s hard drive enclosure. Make sure to choose a SATAIII and 2.5-inch SSD.PS4更換SSD簡易教學,暗黑2重製讀取速度爆衝70-10


Step 5: Install the New PS4 System

Here, you need to enter safe mode. Press and hold the power button until you hear a beep. Continue holding until you hear another beep to enter safe mode. Connect the controller to the PS4 using a USB cable. Select option 7, “Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software).” The system will warn you that initializing will delete all user data. Confirm the selection.


Step 6: Restore Backup

After the system installation is complete, it will automatically enter the initial setup screen. Press the PS button on the controller and select “Settings” > “System” > “Backup/Restore” > “Restore PS4.” Choose the previous backup file and done!

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