Three Methods for Line Breaks in Excel Cells (Manual and Auto by Char Function)

This article shares three methods for line breaks within Excel cells: automatic, manual, and using the Char function formula. These methods can be applied in various scenarios such as combining postal codes and addresses, creating draft posts for social media in Excel, or organizing answers from surveys. They are essentially versatile and can be helpful for office administrators or individuals writing short articles using Excel.

Automatic Line Breaks in Cells

Go to Home > Alignment > Wrap Text. Text that exceeds the width of the cell will automatically wrap to the next line. The benefit is that the text will adjust to the column width and automatically wrap, allowing for beautiful formatting by adjusting the column width and row height. Without wrapping, long text may spill over into adjacent cells or be covered by text in neighboring cells.3個Excel換行的簡單方法,含CHAR函數公式的應用-1


Manual Line Breaks: Alt + Enter Key

To manually insert a line break within a cell, hold the Alt key and press Enter. The advantage is that line breaks can be added as needed, making it convenient for text formatting when writing articles in Excel. However, it is generally more convenient to use Word for writing articles. If the content is lengthy, using Excel can become cumbersome. For Mac versions, please refer to Microsoft’s official documentation.3個Excel換行的簡單方法,含CHAR函數公式的應用-5


Mass Line Breaks Using the Char Function Formula

Char(10) represents a line break symbol. By combining it with the Concatenate function or the ampersand (&) symbol to join text together, multiple cell values can be quickly inserted into a single cell, with line breaks placed where desired.

Use the ampersand (&) to join text and insert Char(10) at the desired line break locations.3個Excel換行的簡單方法,含CHAR函數公式的應用-2


Then, go to Home > Alignment > Wrap Text. This method, which combines manual and automatic line breaks, is useful in specific situations. For example, when combined with macros, it can automatically combine answers from multiple survey responses and insert them into a single cell, with line breaks applied based on the desired formatting.3個Excel換行的簡單方法,含CHAR函數公式的應用-3


According to Microsoft’s official documentation, Char is a function that returns an ANSI character. By entering different numbers within the parentheses, different characters can be returned. Additionally, you can click here to explore more Excel tutorials.


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